Managing multiple properties on your own can be a massive time and money sink, but hiring the right property manager can be a massive life changer by creating personal time and freedom for yourself. In this episode, join me as I interview Janet Fields, CEO of Oak Trust Properties. She will take us on a deep dive into property management, share what her company has to offer to property owners, and factors you should consider when selecting a property manager.

As highly-rated professional real property managers, she and her team know all about strategically managing your investments and growing them in the most efficient way possible. Make sure to tune in to this episode where Janet taps into her years of professional experience to help you make the best-informed decision for yourself and your investments.


Episode Highlights:

  • Janet’s background in real property management 
  • Red flags to watch out for in a property manager
  • Strategies to prevent turnovers for owners
  • Setting expectations on the front end
  • Factors that are creating a demand for short-term housing
  • Opportunities Janet sees in the marketplace 


You can find or contact Janet: 


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