When someone finally generates enough passive income to live in financial freedom, what should be the next step to take after achieving the prosperity piece? And if you’re someone still trying to reach the former, how can you invest with confidence to not only be profitable but also to ensure you will leave behind a positive legacy?


Joining me in this episode is Jerome Myers, Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of DreamCatchers and The Myers Development Group. After leaving corporate America, Jerome is dedicated to not only developing multifamily properties but also people. He shares his experiences – both successes and failures in the real estate space, and how he’s working to make an impact on people’s lives by educating investors on smart property investments. 


Through both of Jerome’s ventures, he is helping people achieve financial freedom so they can be free to realize their dreams. Learn more about Jerome’s mission and his insights on multifamily investing by tuning into this episode!


Episode Highlights:

• Jerome’s transition from the corporate world to real estate.

• The responsibilities of an asset manager.

• The multifamily pipeline and offered products.

• The principles behind the Myers Method.

• Jerome’s coaching course, DreamCatchers.


You can find or contact Jerome: 

Website | Jerome Myers

Instagram | @coachjeromemyers

LinkedIn | JEROME (Morpheus) MYERS, PE, MBA, PMP




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