adapting to the global market with nick mertens

Being an entrepreneur means using all of the resources you already have to support new ways of doing business. No matter what your background is, the ability to adapt and get ahead of the curve is the trademark of every successful person. Nick Mertens is a prime example. He joined me on The Wake-Up Call to talk about his real estate journey. Nick shared his unique experience of navigating the European real estate market during our talk, starting with his roots in Belgium and strategically exploring opportunities in multifamily properties. 

I am always impressed by Nick’s ability to anticipate the ways individual properties can be utilized based on their geographic location. Take his home country of Belgium, for example. When Nick got started in real estate, there were a number of available mixed-use properties with storefronts on the ground floor and copycat apartments built above them. With this structure in place, Nick was able to acquire both commercial and residential assets in one deal and lower renovation costs. He used this experience to transform his real estate lens and leveraged this knowledge to pioneer an innovative real estate strategy across Europe. 

Success in real estate may seem like it is all about following the numbers, but if you are not actively updating your business model based on past experiences, your return might not be as successful as it could be. Nick started small, but he used the experience of every previous deal to explore additional opportunities. His decisions moving forward are supported by a real world model. 

Nick’s story is a testament to the fact that success in entrepreneurship requires adaptability, knowledge, and a willingness to constantly learn and grow. Incorporating these key principles has given Nick a clear advantage in the European real estate market and in finding success in a global context. His journey is a reflection of the entrepreneurial spirit, challenging traditional perspectives and inspiring a lifestyle of financial freedom. His ability to adapt and innovate has allowed him to push real estate boundaries and find success in a global context.  I will be keeping my eyes on Nick; I can’t wait to see what he does next!

To Pushing Boundaries!

Paul David Thompson