Break Into Real Estate…
Off The Clock.

Acquire an additional source of passive income WITHOUT spending countless hours learning the ins-and-outs of the trade.

Investing in Real Estate can feel impossible—even MORE SO when you’re a busy working professional trying to juggle family, relationships, and your career.

Begin your Real Estate Journey and Diversify Your Portfolio with Real Estate Investment Master, Paul Thompson’s BRAND NEW 12 MONTH COACHING PROGRAM, “Diversification Through Syndication”, Where 40% of the cost ($10k) is DIRECTLY INVESTED into a Real Estate project.


You can’t escape it. Every book, internet article, and MSNBC TV Personality will go on for days about the benefits of creating passive income through Real Estate.

We get it.

The issue isn’t knowing that the money is there, the issue is breaking into a field that is absolutely flush with competition from professionals who are fighting for the same properties

As a working professional, it can feel overwhelming even considering a path to getting started, especially when hours in the day are at a premium.

Paul Thompson started from where you are RIGHT NOW, and has grown his businesses many times over through smart investments across numerous different areas in the Real Estate Space. He has taken the time to LEARN so that you DON’T HAVE TO.

His brand new program is designed to CLOSE THE GAP, working as the intermediary between you, your finances, and a future of passive income through Real Estate Syndication.


With the right team in place, you CAN enter the Real Estate Space – WITHOUT it becoming your entire life.

Your $25,000 fee includes:

$10,000 INVESTED TRANSPARENTLY ON YOUR BEHALF, getting you started immediately and on the right foot… from someone who is heavily connected and experienced in the space

a YEAR of coaching from Paul himself, so you can CONTINUE investing on your own once the program is finished

a COMMUNITY of successful Real Estate Professionals who are all working together to build generational wealth for themselves and their families


“Thank you so much for your help. You have helped us so much and we truly appreciate it. You and your company are amazing and we are truly grateful. From our entire family, thank you.”

Michael Fuchs


“My family has had the good fortune of working with Paul on 3 separate deals and figured it’s about time to give him a public review. I’ve been able to purchase two homes on assignment in Southwest Little Rock and one in Sherwood. The process was as quick and easy as it’s supposed to be. They found out what I was looking for, they found the properties that fit my needs, and they called me with the deal. We’ve closed all three as soon as my title company could get it done. I would suggest you give him a call.”

Thomas Chapin


“I have had the opportunity to work with Paul on numerous deals. He has always been fair, honest, and met his contractual obligations. He is knowledgeable and well respected in the real estate investing community. I don’t think you could find a finer person to do a deal with.”

Kathie Reidel


Paul Sammons and his mom bought a 20-unit apartment complex.

“Thank you for your help in negotiating this deal. You were so helpful during the long process.”

Paul Sammons


“Hey bud! Just wanted to let you know I’m signing a contract tomorrow for a deal I found on Facebook Marketplace because of your technique. Thanks for the info you provided and I look forward to learning more.”

Jason Painter


“Paul, I made my first deal! 3 apartments and a ground floor store. All rented out and all needs renovation.I wanted to thank you because your videos contributed to my focus and approach the last 3 months…”

Nicolas M. Belgium

This Program will act as YOUR ROADMAP– CUT THROUGH the Fear, Doubt, & Uncertainty… and Get Started.


Your Future Starts TODAY:



I’m a #1 Best Selling Author, full-time real estate investor, coach, hard money lender, husband, and father. I’m also the host of the My Freedom Foundry Podcast and the founder of PDT Coaching and Consulting.

With years of experience in guiding beginners and experienced investors through the process of doing real estate investing deals, I am now on a mission to help purpose-driven men and women entrepreneurs break the corporate drone cycle and achieve the success they desire.

I believe that every successful person got to where they are by following the advice of someone who went before them, and I want to be that person for you.