The Principles of Success with Brandon Steiner

What if I told you that I knew a man who can barely read but has published three books and started a multimillion dollar agency with only $4000 to start with? You would probably think that this is the plot of some crazy movie; things like that don’t happen in real life. Wrong. When I hosted Brandon Steiner on “The WakeUp Call” podcast, he shared a few key points with me about his  success. 

After starting the Steiner Agency with just $4000, Brandon turned his company into a multi-million dollar business while simultaneously pioneering what we now know as “sports marketing.” He quickly became the best in the field, connecting thousands upon thousands of athletes with companies for brand deals throughout his career. Think of the millions of dollars that now go into branding an athlete or team. That’s a lot of dollars. 

He didn’t stop there. After leaving the agency and the success it brought him, he decided that it was time to be authentic and work on his sports passion project. Starting with his own roots and his love for Mickey Mantle, Brandon envisioned what is now known as CollectibleXchange. This company helps connect collectors to memorabilia resources to make sure that important sports collectibles can go to the fans that love them. How did Steiner successfully create two high end sports businesses over the last 30 years? See the principles of success that Brandon uses listed below.

  • You have to have the tenacity, urgency, and fire every day to move forward.
  • You never know when you will use your past experiences
  • Leadership is more than being a leader. Any act that makes a difference and has impact is an act of leadership.
  • Focus on and work on what you can control.
  • Be mindful that success can be a deterrent; don’t fall into that trap.

Don’t let success get in the way of success. Fight the complacency of resting on your laurels; stop to celebrate and appreciate your accomplishments, but don’t get too comfortable. You want to be so good that no one can ignore you. Wake up every morning to bang on doors so that one day it will be your door that is getting banged on. People are moved by someone who is trying to be the best they can be because they also want to be the best, whether they know it or not. Have heart; people respect and connect to it no matter what you are doing. We can all learn a few things from Brandon.

To Your Success,

Paul David Thompson