wake up broke with a winner’s mindset

Did you wake up today ready to conquer new goals and challenges? That’s the mindset of waking up broke, according to Brandon Steiner, founder of The Steiner Agency. He doesn’t mean financially broke, but rather with a beginner’s mindset – ready to achieve as if starting from nothing. 

I had the chance to speak with Brandon about what it really means to “wake up broke.” Despite his amazing success building a multi-million dollar sports marketing empire, he starts each day hungry to accomplish more. As Brandon puts it, “I knew I would have an epic run at whatever I tried to do; otherwise, I would not have tried at all.” This winner’s mentality is key. He measures all successes, past and future, as equally important milestones.  

Waking up broke is about extreme mental discipline. It’s understood that your prior accomplishments don’t determine your capacity today. You must believe in your unlimited potential. Brandon exemplifies this attitude. He started with just $4,000, yet turned his agency into an industry leader. He forged deals between thousands of athletes and brands when nobody thought it possible. 

So how can we apply his mindset? The first step is convincing yourself that you can achieve great things. Do work you’re proud to share. Don’t let doubts hold you back. With the right mentality, nothing is impossible. Wake up broke by focusing on the opportunities ahead, not the comforts behind. Approach each day with a beginner’s excitement, ready to learn and grow. That’s the life-long path to success that Brandon Steiner has mastered.


Paul David Thompson